Fluorochrome Data Tables

The data tables below contain reference information on fluorescence cubes offered by Olympus America, Inc. to support their microscopes. The codes for the excitation columns in Tables 2 and 4 and the cube code column in Table 3 are listed in Table 1. Table 2 is a listing of examples of cubes provided for U-URA microscopes. The authors wish to caution that we believe this data to be accurate, but it should always be verified by authorized Olympus representatives.

Filter Color Codes
Code Filter Type
U Ultraviolet
V Violet
BV Blue-Violet
B Blue
IB Interference
Blue Filter
G Green
IG Immuno Gold
Staining Method
BF Brightfield,
Phase Contrast,
and DIC only
Table 1

Table 2 lists the excitation and barrier filters by cube along with the dichroic mirror used in each cube. Use this chart as an aid to guide you in selection of some of the Olympus U-URA cubes for applications listed in our fluorescence and fluorochrome data tables.

Fluorescence Filter Cubes

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Olympus Cubes Offered for U-URA
Excitation Cube Excitation Filter(nm) Dichroic Mirror(nm) Barrier Filter
U U-MWU 330-385 400 420--
U U-MNU 360-370 400 420--
U U-MNUBP 360-370 400 420-460
V U-MNV 400-410 455 455--
BV U-MWBV 400-440 455 475--
BV U-MNBV 420-440 455 475--
B U-MWB 450-480 500 515--
IB U-MWIB 460-490 505 515IF--
IB U-MNIB 470-490 505 515IF--
IB U-MNIBBP 470-490 505 515-550
IB U-MWIBBP 460-490 505 515-550
G U-MSWG 480-550 570 590--
G U-MWG 510-550 570 590--
G U-MNG 530-550 570 590--
IG U-MNIG 520-550 565 580IF--
IY U-MWIY 545-580 600 610IF--
Table 2

Table 3 lists dichroic mirror/filter combinations for the Olympus BH-2 and Vanox-3 fluorescent illuminators. The authors believe this information to be correct but it should be verified by Olympus representatives. Refer to Table 1 for the codes in the first column of this table.

CODE Cube Dichroic Mirror Exciter
Supplementary Exciter
Additional Barrier
U -DMU DM400 UG1 L420 L435
V -DMV DM455 BP405 Y455   Y495
BV -DMBV DM455 BP440 AFC EL420 Y495
+Y475 515
B -DMB DM500 BP490 AFC EL455 B460
+O515 530
IB -DMIB DM505 BP495 0515IF EY475 B460
G -DMG DM570 BP545 590 EO515 R610
IGS -HMIGS (Half-Mirror) L420
BF -BF (Optical
----- -----
Table 3

Table 4 is a cross-reference for Olympus U-URA cubes to Olympus BH-2, Vanox-3, and IMT-2 cubes. It is advisable to consult the manufacturer's wavelength/transmission curve diagrams for exciter filters, dichroic mirrors and barrier filters to determine how they match the fluorochrome being used. The cube names and nanometer numbers refer to the Olympus U-URA cubes; the figures in parentheses refer to filters still current for BH-2, Vanox 3, and IMT-2 fluorescent cubes.

Excitation Cube Excitation Filter Dichroic
U U-MU BP330-385 DM400 BA420
(UG-1) (L420)
V U-MNV BP400-410 DM455 BA455
(BP405) (Y455)
BV U-MWBV BP400-440 DM455 Ba475
(BP440) (Y475&AFC)
BV U-MNBV BP420-440 DM455 BA475
(BP440&EL420) (Y475&AFC)
B U-MWB BP450-480 DM500 BA515
(BP490&EY455) (O515&AFC)
IB U-MWIB BP460-490 DM505 BA515IF
(BP495) (O515IF)
IB U-MNIB BP470-490 DM505 BA515IF
(BP495&EY455) (O515IF)
G U-MSWG BP480-550 DM570 BA590
(BP545) (O590)
G U-MWG BP510-550 DM570 BA590
(BP545&EO515) (O590)
G U-MNG BP530-550 DM570 BA590
(BP545&EO530) (O590)
Table 4

Use this chart as an aid to guide you in selection of some of the Olympus U-URA cubes if you wish to cross-reference to the extensive listing of fluorochromes in our other data sections.

Contributing Authors

Mortimer Abramowitz - Olympus America, Inc., Two Corporate Center Drive., Melville, New York, 11747.

Michael W. Davidson - National High Magnetic Field Laboratory, 1800 East Paul Dirac Dr., The Florida State University, Tallahassee, Florida, 32310.